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We provide custom synthesis and process chemistry development with complete documentation. We will provide material quantities required for feasibility studies (grams scale) up to regulatory filings (100 - 250 kg scales) and beyond (tons required for regular production).

We have highly skilled scientists and chemists experienced in carrying out various types of reactions and transformations.

We have in - house analytical capabilities and quality systems to develop not only the process chemistry, but also stringent quality standards for whatever we deliver.

Capabilities & Strengths:

The lab currently can carry out all kinds of named and advanced organic reactions. Our expertise includes low pressure hydrogenations and reactions under inert atmospheres, Grignard, Friedel-Crafts, Mannich, Claisen, Wittig, acylation/alkylations, metal catalyzed coupling reactions, low temperatures etc.

  • One stop shop from process conceptualization to production
  • Wide experience with handling of organometalic and organophosporous reagents
  • Chiral Synthesis, nucleoside and nucleotide synthesis
  • Carbohydrates, amino acids, natural products
  • Full documentation support for regulatory filling


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